the first meeting.

The first of many, that much I know. The surgeon was nice. I tried to absorb everything she said as she talked and showed us my mammogram images. It’s unclear if it has spread to my lymph nodes. If not, I am stage 1. If it has, I am stage 2. My lump is very small, but the pathology report lists “lymph-vascular invasion” which means it’s on it’s way to those nodes. I hope with all my being that it hasn’t gotten there yet.

Apparently I have very dense tissue and the images are hard to read, so an MRI is in order. We do know that I have a lump, a satellite lesion, and one or more microcalcifications – which means that it’s spread out enough that a mastectomy is recommended. I know that this has happened to so many women before me – it’s just hard to believe that I’m now one of them.

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