life is good.

I suppose it’s because I’m not in the medical field, and becauseĀ I haven’t had surgery for 11 years, but anesthesia is a pretty weird concept to me. What’s even weirder is this amnesia drug they speak of, where I can talk to them but I won’t remember it. I wonder if I said anything funny or inappropriate. I hope so, the doctors should at least have a little entertainment in all this seriousness, no? I was pretty calm until just before I went in, and even then I only had a few tears. I remember waking up in the recovery room and Matt telling me the good news about my lymph nodes, and then what I thought was a few minutes later (turns out it was actually an hour and a half later) I was wheeled to my room. I thought I’d be emotional afterwards, seeing my body different. In fact I was pretty sure I’d be a complete mess. Turns out, the plastic surgeon did a pretty big fill in my expanders during surgery, so I basically look the same as before (you know – minus the bandages and bruising). No emotional breakdown necessary. Cancer is OUT, no cancer in my lymph nodes, my boobs already look fine, I am home, and I am surrounded by the best family and friends ever. Life is actually pretty darn good right now.

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